Calm, Clarity, and Alignment in 90 Days

Working with me one-on-one means you get a totally personalized wellness plan designed to help you feel your best, so you can show up more fully for your creative projects (and actually get paid for them).



First, we’ll hop on a free 30-minute consultation to clarify what your goals are, and to make sure we're a perfect fit for working together (because I refuse to waste your time).

After that, I'll design a totally personalized wellness plan for you where we’ll cover:



By supporting yourself physically in the best possible way (and in a way that feels intuitive and easy to follow) you're taking huge steps to boost your energy.  In month 1 of 1:1 coaching I'll help you find the best nutritional and movement plans for you personally (because no ONE way of eating/moving works for everyone)



Look, if you're feeling crappy about your job/relationship/finances it doesn't matter how much kale you eat... you're still gonna feel like crap.  In month 2, I'll help you learn the tools to identify and resolve the parts of your life that are unbalanced so you can make the most of your healing. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re getting paid fairly for the work you’re doing!



We all need a little magic in our lives, and during month 3 I’ll help you find that spark that connects you the energies of the planet, the universe, and your inner purpose so you wake up knowing exactly what you need to do each day without getting into the cycle of burnout.


Then, we get to work!  We'll schedule two 90-minute calls per month for 3 months (6 calls total) to seamlessly integrate new diet and lifestyle shifts into your life.


  • An in-depth evaluation to determine past patterns that may not be serving you (plus some sweet astrological insight).

  • Unlimited support in-between sessions via email and Voxer.

  • A 45-minute remote Reiki Session

  • PDF’s full of tools and resources for you to keep forever

  • The expertise of someone who has experienced their own creative burnout, and understands first hand the difficulties of being an artist and creative (while also holding down a non-arts day job).

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