I’ve always been interested in the intersection of Art, Healing, and Magic.

In my head, they are the same thing.

While in undergrad at MICA, I got really into art and service, and how to use art as a healing tool in communities and relationships. I was excited about the possibilities of using my creative practice outside of the walls of the gallery; a career aspect I never felt fully aligned with.

After graduation, I served for three years with the Community Arts Collaborative, an Americorps service program that pairs artists with local non-profit organizations in the Baltimore area. The work was fulfilling in many ways (I developed friendships and experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life) but I quickly learned how physically, emotionally, and financially taxing service work can be. And unfortunately, we were not equipped with the tools or resources to support ourselves through the process, which lead to massive burn-out, savior complex, and health issues for myself and my collaborators.

I could see this happening with non-profit professionals, teachers, community artists, social designers, and creative entrepreneurs all over Baltimore too.  They would go in with huge ideas and massive motivation to help the people around them, and to make the world a better place.  But then they would burn-out and be forced to leave after a few years.

At this point I realized that this high level of turn-over in these service-based arts positions made it extremely difficult to create sustainable change for the communities that needed it most.  

This was a huge eye opener for me.  And to top it all off, I had a major meltdown (read: Quarter-Life Crisis) in my mid-twenties.  Think debilitating anxiety, depression, panic attacks, the works.

I was ready to make a massive change in the way I felt and I wanted to help other creatives do the same so we could continue our work.

After my service term was finished, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got my certificate in Health Coaching.  I read every self-improvement book out there. I got Reiki certified. I dug into my own magical history (my great-grandmother was a Strega) and the history of medicine women. I revived my love of tarot and crystals. I learned astrology. I went to therapy. I studied herbalism. I learned about grief support. I experimented with my diet and movement to find what feels best. And I did a ton of soul searching to figure out what the fuck I actually wanted to do with my life and career.

I went from being so depressed I could barely get out of bed, to feeing grounded, aligned, and ready to take on the fucking world.


Now, I'm supporting other creatives who want to create change in the world through their artwork, while feeling their damn best (so it’s actually sustainable for the long-term).

If you're tired of feeling under-valued, underpaid, anxious, and fatigued, and you are so READY to shift into a new way of living and working, let's chat babe <3