Listen to your heART

$elf-Love and Clarity for Badass Womxn Artists

1-month Mastermind with Cait Byrnes and Michelle Gomez

February 14th - March 14th

Take it from us. We know how challenging it can be to find your way as an artist.

After getting our degrees at a top art school, studying in two of the most intense service-based programs (Michelle in Curatorial Practice and Cait in Community Arts), and working our way through various arts non-profits, we both experienced MASSIVE burnout… physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

And it wasn’t just us.

So many creative womxn get stuck in the cycle of Labor of Love projects (a.k.a. no pay) because we’re taught that’s how this all works. We’re taught to be grateful for the scraps and that if you put in the work eventually you’ll maybe make it.

But what happens when it doesn’t work? Because let’s be real, overextending ourselves and working for pennies rarely leads to anything sustainable or fulfilling.

There’s another way, we promise.


Listen to your heART

Your guidance system is always within you. But when we’re operating from an exhausted, burnt-out, and chronically stressed state you can’t hear that call. And even if you could, that amped up cortisol-response tells us we can’t actually trust it.

This is your power. This is your intuition. This is your creativity. And it wasn’t until we ourselves learned how to listen to it that we were able to cut through the bullshit and move forward in our arts careers.

In our 1-Month Mastermind for Badass Womxn Artists, we’ll get you to your next step with the joint approach of two coaches: a wellness expert and a business genius.

And we’ll be teaching you the exact steps we’ve used to coach ourselves and each other.


High-Achieving womxn artists have often been disappointed so many times by the art world and non-profit industrial complex that they start to question their skills and abilities.

Especially when those systems and organizations tend to gaslight the shit out of us.

It’s not you. You’re incredibly capable and competent. And we believe the ultimate form of $elf-Love is valuing yourself and knowing your worth so you can get PAID.


We truly believe in the combined approach of healing AND strategizing, because this is exactly what we both did to find true clarity in our next steps forward.

When we calm down the stress response and nourish our bodies and minds (with great food, self-care, and lifestyle shifts) we can then think more clearly and find a killer path to a career that feels exciting, fulfilling (emotionally AND financially) and sustainable for the long term - not something you’ll burn out from in a year.

We know you’re ready to move forward babe


In order to take that next step, you have to:

  • Calm tf down a.k.a. take down that stress/cortisol response!

  • Find your heart-led BIG dreams and goals, instead of your ego-driven desires (cause they’re never sustainable in the long run)

  • Discover your Golden Thread, that spark that runs through all of your past experiences and interests

  • Break through old blocks and find the expanders that will take you into the future

And we’ll help you get there <3


When you join us, you’ll get:

  • Four 90-minute group calls with two expert coaches

  • An exclusive Facebook support group to keep you on track

  • Weekly journal prompts and action steps for massive growth

  • A clearer sense of what your next step is in your arts career


With two expert coaches:


Michelle Gomez

is a Launch Strategist from Miami who launches womxn artists into artpreneurs so they too can do what they love (and get paid for it).


Cait Byrnes

is a Community Artist and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach from the Jersey Shore who helps creatives avoid burnout through nutrition education, emotional healing, and radical self-care (with a little magic thrown in).


Let’s get you to your next step this month