THE KICKASS ENERGY PROTOCOL Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take any supplements or drink any protein shakes?

Nope!  Supplements and shakes are not a part of the program, though if you already have a supplement plan through your doctor you should stick with that.

How does it work?

We’ll have a 1-hour online coaching session once per week for 7 weeks (7 sessions total) during which we’ll discuss different dietary theories, nutrition information and emotional wellness tips.  You’ll leave each session with 1-2 specific health habits to try out till we chat again.  You’ll also get a goodie box sent to your door before we start, access to the exclusive support group, and lifetime access to all PDF handouts and information.

Do I have to meet you somewhere?

Nope!  We’ll have our sessions via Zoom online.  You'll be sent a link to join each call, and that's it! No need to change out of your pajamas.

When are the calls?

The calls will take place on Sundays from 11am - 12pm EST, and will run from April 8th till May 20th.  Each call will be recorded incase you can't make it live.

How much time will it take me?

It varies, but I’d plan to spend 1-2 hours per week trying out the recommendations.  That could mean trying out a new recipe or two, pampering yourself with a little self-care, or reading a book that I send you.

What if I already follow a particular diet?

That's cool!  This program is very vegan and paleo friendly (and friendly to pretty much any healthy food plan), and emphasizes finding the ideal diet for your specific body.   

Any additional cost?

No surprises!  All the costs are outlined here.

Will you offer this program again?

THE KICKASS ENERGY PROTOCOL is only offered twice a year, so get in on it before it fills up!


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