Sustainability for your Work and Wellness

Working with me one-on-one means you get a totally personalized wellness plan designed to help you feel your best, so you can show up more fully for your creative projects (and actually get paid for them).



  • First, we’ll hop on a free 30-minute consultation to clarify what your goals are, and to make sure we're a perfect fit for working together (because I refuse to waste your time)

  • After that, I'll design a totally personalized wellness plan for you where we’ll cover:

    • Physical Health - mastering your nutrition and creating a movement routine that works for your individual body

    • Emotional/Spiritual Wellness - radical self-care, finding ways to self-soothe when life get crazy, stress management and finding and using magic to align with the universe

    • Career Alignment - finding clarity in your art practice / creative career, getting in tune with your purpose so your work is sustainable and nourishing, and creating an impact while supporting yourself

  • Then, we get to work!  We'll schedule two 60-minute calls per month for 3 months (6 calls total) to seamlessly integrate new diet and lifestyle shifts into your life.

  • You'll also get tons of information and resources for you to keep, so you can always go back and reference them whenever you need a reset!


  • An in-depth evaluation to determine past patterns that may not be serving you (plus some sweet astrological insight).

  • Unlimited support in-between sessions via email and Voxer.

  • The expertise of someone who has experienced their own creative burnout, and understands first hand the difficulties of being an artist and creative (while also holding down a non-arts day job).


Book your free 30-min Consultation!