Bitch + Brunch: Finding Clarity

A Brunch Webinar for Womxn Artists

Sunday, February 3rd 11:30am EST

With Cait Byrnes and Michelle Gomez


The art world isn’t set up for our success…

After getting our degrees at a top art school, studying in two of the most intense service-based programs (Curatorial Practice and Community Arts), and working our way through various arts non-profits, Michelle and I both experienced MASSIVE burnout in a variety of ways.. physically, financially, emotionally, etc.

We wanted to be of service in the world through the arts, but realized that we couldn’t do it from a place of lack and exhaustion (because let’s be real, that almost ALWAYS leads to some serious savior complex).

I dove hard into learning all I could about healing my body, mind, and spirit, so I could actually feel well enough to create in a sustainable way. Michelle broke through some MAJOR art-world limiting bullshit that teaches creatives that they should be happy with the scraps, and not paid a fair (abundant!) living.

And the coolest thing was, we coached each other through it!

Now we’re both jazzed to be helping other womxn artists to feel their best, so they can make money doing what they love.

Join us for a 1-hour online brunch webinar, where we’ll teach you the 4 steps needed to find CLARITY in your work and life.

Grab your spot here! 

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