It’s been proven that food journaling can be a powerful tool in taking control of your health and can help you to make more mindful choices about your diet and lifestyle.

But if you’ve ever tried a food journal in the past, you know that counting and measuring everything you eat kind of sucks.

Food For Thought, a three-month food and mood journal, was designed to be insanely easy to use and focuses on what’s really important – how you feel. No counting or measuring a damn thing.

With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, it’s super challenging to figure out what the hell to eat and how much of it. Since every individual body is different, no one diet will feel great to everyone.

The best way to figure out how to feel YOUR best is to track what you ate and how you felt. That’s it!

Food For Thought features a ton of bonuses to keep you feeling fantastic, including space to track your water intake, energy levels, weekly goals, reminders to take your vitamins, and room for daily gratitude (a five minute daily gratitude practice has been shown to boost energy, increase happiness, and more).

Note: Adult language is used throughout the journal



Join me, Sarah Steckler, and Jenny Eden Berk for five conversational masterclasses where we dive deep into core wellness topics and share strategies, tips, and real-world examples of how to shift your mindset and take action into improving your life and empowering yourself each day!

Masterclasses include:

  • How to Meal-Plan Without Losing Your Damn Mind
  • Exercise for People Who Hate It
  • How To Self-Care When Shit Gets Crazy
  • How to Love Your Body When You Hate Your Body
  • Habit Shifts that Actually Stick

Plus 3 bonus classes:

  • Mindful Eating with Jenny
  • Food and Mood Journaling with Cait
  • Mindfulness and Journaling with Sarah