Take a Break

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have an amazing week of vacation with my partner and his family.  We took an incredible cruise (my first one!) to the western Caribbean, and this shore gal got a ton of much needed sea time in. 

I got to check out caves in Jamaica, snorkel with sea turtles in Grand Cayman, hit the beach in Haiti, swim in pools, lay out with drinks, and nap.  I got to nap. Every. Single. Day.

It was extremely refreshing, relaxing, and calming, and I came back more alive and rested than I’ve felt in months.  Want to know why?

3 things.

First, I had a total digital detox.  The thing about being in the middle of the ocean is, your phone becomes just a camera and a clock (and maybe a paperweight).  That’s it.  Unless you want to pay for a pricy wi-fi package, it’s mostly just a brick.  90% of the time I had it tucked in my drawer, and forgot about it (the other 10% was for photo taking, which I didn't even do much of!)  It felt amazing.  Being cut off forced me to break my slight addiction to texting, social media and email.  I even brought a watch specifically so that I wouldn’t need it for the time so often.  It was liberating, and after the 1st day I didn’t even miss it.  I was even reluctant to turn it back on when we got back to the US. 

Second, was some serious quiet time.  One reason I slept like a rock was that we had an exterior room, so the only sound we really heard was the waves (and maybe once or twice, someone in the hallway).  I notice this all the time when I stay at my mom’s house in Jersey, where my bedroom is in the basement…. You don’t realize how loud the city can be outside your window until you leave, and your ears start ringing because it’s so quiet!  It was amazing, and really allowed me to have some good quality time with my journal and my thoughts.

The third and maybe most important thing was I didn’t do any work!  That’s right, this driven Capricorn didn’t take any work with her.  And I literally had to talk myself down from doing that.  Knowing that Internet would be out, in the weeks before my cruise I had thoughts of printing out material to edit by hand, and I was excited to take some time to work on a new group program and write some blog posts and do this long list of things I want to do!  At a certain point, I had to say “girl, chill” and remembered that there will always be time when I get back to do those things.  It’s super healthy to be forced to take a break in that way.  I came back feeling more creative, and ready to take on those tasks than I had been before, and I was actually able to relax and enjoy myself!

Obviously, we can’t always take a cruise when we need a break, but we can still take those 3 things and bring them into our day-to-day lives.  Maybe you can take a Sunday and lock your phone in a drawer, or even just not check email for a day.  Or find a few hours to sit in a park for some quiet time.  Take some structured time where you’ll do NOTHING even a little bit work related.  This includes house work too, none of that!

What will you do to take a break this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!

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