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4 Ways to Bounce Back After Summer Holidays

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard time not going a little overboard during summer holiday weekends.  4th of July is one of my all time favorite holidays (eating, swimming, drinking, bikinis, fireworks… what else matters really?)  and this year I paired it with an amazing weekend away in western Virginia for my 10-year friendiversary with some of my best pals.  Even though I packed the healthy gluten-free snacks and tried to pace myself, when your friends are making some incredible food/drinks, it’s hard to stick to your optimal health routine.  Which is totally ok from time to time.  More than ok even, I think it’s healthy in itself to say “Fuck it” sometimes.

The view from Friendiversary!

The view from Friendiversary!

But you know, eventually the weekend ends, and the real world comes crashing down on you in the form of hangovers, nausea, headaches, fatigue and general fogginess.  And it's not just 4th of July.  Sometimes in the summer it feels like there's an event every weekend that includes food and booze!

So in the spirit of getting “back on track,” here’s what I’m doing now to recover:

Drink a crapload of water.  Particularly, water infused with lemon and cucumbers, which aids in hydration and adds extra vitamins and minerals without even trying.  Also it tastes awesome and is great if you don’t particularly like the taste of plain water.

Detox Tea. Give your liver some love after all it’s done for you this past weekend (or you know, your whole life).  I love to keep some detox tea on hand after weekend full of bbq’s and parties, Yogi makes a great blend.

Extra Rest.  It’s the ever persisting feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation, but there’s something to it.  When you break out of your normal routine it’s awesome for your brain, spirit, and body, but can also be extra exhausting.  Cut yourself some slack and make sure you get enough rest during your recovery days.  Need help? Check out my post about getting yo beauty sleep!

Clean up your diet.  During the summer, I let myself indulge a little during the weekends, and try to eat really nutrient dense meals during the week.  It’s my way of keeping some balance.  What should you eat?  Everyone is different, but generally I try to get a good serving of high quality protein (local/free range meat, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, etc) and a ton of fresh veggies.  It’s summer, so take advantage of all the awesome stuff that’s in season now!  My favorite summer plates are usually 1/3 protein and 2/3 veggies.  Recently, Desmond and I made rosemary chicken, with a heaping portion of roasted zucchini from the farmers market and sautéed garlic kale.  So. Good.

What do you do in the days after a long holiday weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!


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