How to make the most of Libra Season

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Y'ALL I love me some Libra season. And not just because my guy is a Libra (libra sun and moon... the most libra-y libra around!)

This season is a welcome respite from the sometimes intense structures and work-aholic vibes of Virgo Season. Libra, an air sign, adores harmony and balance, and seeks justice in all forms (which we are definitely seeing play out a global scale right now).

Libra also loves LOVE and beauty, and invites us to seek deeper connections and understanding with one another. It's ALL about that balance babe.

Here are some of the best way to work with this energy:

  • Give yourself a makeover. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra loves to look and feel their best. Invest in some new skin care, get a haircut, update your wardrobe, or just give yourself a DIY pampering day.

  • Reflect on your relationships. Where are things out of balance in your personal, romantic, or work relationships? Ask yourself: Am I truly listening? Can I communicate more effectively and compassionately? Libra is all about finding the common ground with those in our lives so we can more deeply connect with each other.

  • Get in touch with your sensuality and sexuality. Libra loves some good romance, whether it's with a partner or on your own. Allow yourself to really reconnect with your body and your pleasure. Pick up a jade egg practice. Get naked and spend some time adoring your body in the mirror. Take a gorgeous bath with flowers and candles. When you allow yourself to fully embrace your erotic and sexual nature, you allow more abundance from the universe to come into your life (it's all connected babe!)

You are a beautiful cosmic being. Libra season is the time for you to truly step into that energy!

Does this resonate with you? Do these things feel difficult? Comment below and let me know!


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