I resisted this shift....

As your resident textbook Capricorn, I definitely struggle with taking a step back and course correcting sometimes.

But after a while, that little nudging inner voice gets too loud for me to ignore and I have to stop myself.

I was really looking forward to running my 4-week Kickass Energy For Creatives program this month. Like jumping out of my skin READY for it.

But the more I talked to you all, the more I realized this isn't what you need right at this exact moment in time.

So many of you all (myself included tbh) have been dealing with really HEAVY energy the past few weeks. I'm hearing over and over that folks are having family and home issues, crap coming up at work, depression/anxiety creeping back in, and an overall feeling of wtf am I doing with my life.

Y'all don't need a bootcamp right now. You need to clear your energy so you can breathe again. So you can focus again. So you can feel optimistic and joyful again.

Join me for a one-time 90-minute online workshop to clear your aura of negative and stagnant energy, so you can start the fall season feeling light, energetic, and productive.

I'll guide you through a clearing ritual, a grounding meditation, and a group reiki healing session to remove blocks and help you connect to your highest self and intuition. And you’ll leave with actionable steps to take to keep your energy field clear and your energy vibrant.

You deserve this babe. I'll see you there!