How to Make the Most of Virgo Season

How to deal with Work-week brain fog.jpg

After the last few days of fiery Leo season (the epitome of #hotgirlsummer).... Grounding and structured Virgo season is here!

That may sound lame, but I promise you it isn't. Virgo season is that fresh, new, organized, back-to-school "got my new binders and trapper keeper" vibe. It helps us to take stock of our energy levels and well-being, so we can truly root down and make shit happen.

Here are some of the best ways to work with the energy of Virgo season:

  • Get organized. Channel Marie Kondo and ditch the things that no longer bring you joy and that you're no longer using. Make lists of tasks to be completed. Use this time to create space physically and emotionally. Essentially, you are creating the structure you need to allow for more creativity to flow!

  • Turn inward. Leo season wanted us to be out and about, but Virgo reminds us to take the time to reflect on what has been going well, and what maybe needs some course correcting. Schedule out some solo time to day dream, make art, and journal.

  • Check in with your health. How's your energy been lately? How about your diet? Your sleep? Virgo loves to organize our wellness routines so we can be feeling our damn best for the start of the Fall (which is EXACTLY what we'll be doing in Kickass Energy for Creatives this September)

  • Power through the pile. Have a stack of unfinished projects/paperwork to sort through? Now's the time to get that shit DONE and off your plate so you can focus on new exciting ventures in your career, artwork, and personal life.

Virgo still enjoys the loveliness of summer, while also reminding us that as the seasons shift we do too. It's a call to create more balance and organization, so we can continue moving forward towards our goals and dreams.