How to deal with work-week brain fog

How to deal with Work-week brain fog.jpg

I'm sure you know the feeling. You're at your day job, or working on your own biz/creative projects, and you feel like you CAN. NOT. focus for one more second. Your brain feels disconnected, fuzzy, hot, and overworked, and it feels impossible to get anything else done for the day.

This is totally normal, but it gets super frustrating when you're as busy as I am (and I know you are).

When I notice that this is starting to become a pattern, it's always a reminder for me to check-in with myself and my self-care.

If you're already feeling foggy:

  • Try smelling essential oils to bring back some attention and focus to the present moment. I love using lavender if I'm feeling overwhelmed, and citrus oils if I'm feeling tired.

  • Get outside for 10 minutes and focus on your breathing. I love to sit on a bench, close my eyes, and count my breathing (breathe in for 4, hold for 7, breathe out for 8) to reset the parasympathetic nervous system.

To help prevent future brain fog:

  • Make sleep a damn priority. No more excuses, get yourself to bed early so you can get a full 8 hours. Make sure you're also powering down electronics at least 30 minutes before bed to help your brain really rest and recover.

  • Stop scrolling so much. As much as it feels like a break to scroll instagram for a few minutes (or a few hours...) it's actually keeping your brain quite active and overwhelmed. Be super intentional about your social media time, or consider uninstalling your social apps for a while, I dare you!

As a preventative AND for some help in the moment:

  • Eat lots of fresh produce, especially fruit! Fruit gives us a little hit of sugar in the moment that helps us focus (without the overstimulating effects of a candy bar or another latte), and it has a cooling effect on the body. Long term, that helps us to cool down the brain when we're feeling burnt the fuck out.

Do you experience brain fog during the day? Comment below and tell me about it!