Getting back into Alignment with Reiki

Getting back into alignment.jpg

I've been practicing reiki for over 5 years, but even I have times where I need an energy adjustment.

This past month I've been feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and just kind of blah (helloooooo retrograde/eclipse season). I was struggling to motivate myself and had a really hard time being creative. And to this textbook #capricorn, that feels fucking infuriating.

Luckily, I had registered for a reiki re-attunement a few weeks ago with my good friend Laura, who was looking for some practice while getting her reiki master certification. For those unfamiliar, reiki is an energy healing technique used to help balance the chakras and align your universal life force energy, and practitioners receive an attunement which allows them to channel reiki to other people.

Receiving reiki energy always feels like a wave of calm coming over me. My brain finally slows down for a moment and I'm in this state of not quite awake but not quite asleep either. It's a dreamy in-between, which is where amazing healing can happen.

This time was no different, and getting re-attuned by Laura suddenly opened up the floodgates of all my creative energy. I'm writing again, making things, painting, and I feel like my "stuckness" has lifted. Like I finally have some clarity about my next steps when it comes to my career and my own personal growth.

Take that mercury retrograde.

This is why I LOVE using reiki with my health + life coaching clients, and why I always include a bonus remote reiki session for my 1:1 babes. When we're doing deep emotional and physical healing, it's so nice to have reiki to help move along any energetic blockages in the body, and to help relax and ground ourselves when difficult emotions come to the surface.

It's the ultimate pairing and I'm obsessed with it. It keeps the energy flowing while working through old limiting patterns around food, movement, mental health, and our careers.

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Comment below and let your girl know what’s up!


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