Make the Most of Retrograde

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Look, I get it.

Some of the general shit that Mercury Retrograde brings up can feel intense and/or terrifying.

Especially this round, with 5 other planets in retrograde sandwiched between two eclipses and just generally being Cancer season (which governs home/family issues).... It can be a lot.

You may be noticing lots of tech issues in the past week, maybe some difficulty in communication (especially with your partner or family), panic about what you're doing with your life, and a tendency to react more emotionally than usual thanks to watery Cancer. All of the situations and challenges that are bubbling to the surface right now are things that must be dealt with and healed if we are ever going to move forward on an individual and global level.

And the more we heal on an individual basis, the more we can work towards healing on a global level, truly.

The thing is, I want to start to look more lovingly at Mercury Rx instead of panicking the three times it pops up every year. It's actually an awesome time to rest, finish up old projects (as opposed to starting new ones), take solo time to chill in nature, and to do the deep reflective work that is essential to our growth in our wellness and careers.

If you've been feeling rough, here's the best way to harness the energy of this chaotic astrological time:

Feel the Feels: When uncomfortable emotions come up, let them REALLY come up to the surface. Feel them fully. Cry. Release. Let yourself really experience the full range of the emotion and experience.

Journal: After you've felt the feelings, grab your journal and answer these three questions.

1. What am I feeling right now?

2. When have I felt this feeling in the past?

3. How am I different now compared to then?

Mercury begs us to challenge old patterns so we can truly break free, and a major way to do that is to first acknowledge that there is a pattern at all. We're all being triggered by past experiences, which one is coming up for you right now?