Eclipse + Emotional Hangover


If you're feeling a little rough around the edges, you're not alone. The astrology has been intense this summer, and as we draw to a close of eclipse season (in prideful Leo, nonetheless) we're shifting in not-so-subtle ways. Eclipse season tends to create big changes in our lives, internal and external, which can leave us waking up feeling like we downed a bottle of tequila or got hit by an 18-wheeler the night before. Leo in particular asks us to examine the parts of ourselves we love, and the parts of ourselves we don't love, so we can move more fully into our badass selves. And that shadow work is important, but damn it's hard.

I personally have been experiencing super vivid dreams leaving me confused about my surroundings when I wake up, massive fatigue, big mood swings with lots of old crap coming up to the surface (stuff I thought was long healed) headaches, and lots and lots of brain fog.

I'm also in the middle of some huge changes in my life. In two weeks, I move to a new apartment (one that's walking distance to my day job!). I am feeling a creative resurgence after some major blocks. I'm being called to practice more spell-casting. I'm working on some big projects in my business and at my public service day job. I'm deeply examining the way I show up in my relationships. I am exploring the way I can deconstruct harmful patterns in myself, so I can deconstruct them in the world around me.

And although I'm so happy to be doing this work (I know it all serves my highest good and the good of others), I'm fucking exhausted.

So today I'm here to remind you that this internal and external work we do is vital to our wellbeing, even if it feels shitty in the process. Think of it as an emotional detox. We've been holding onto these negative thoughts and habits and patterns, and as we release them we experience them one more time. Up and out. Up and out. Up and out.

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