In a world that constantly shits on artists....


I've been doing some deep reflection work the past few days, and throughout that shadowy (fucking difficult) stuff I came out asking myself:

"What has been the most helpful support for me as an artist and someone who wants to be of service in the world?"

And yes, the physical health is important. The self-care is key. The alignment in the work and wellness is insanely impactful.

But the biggest and most helpful thing others have done for me is this:

They shared their (similar) fucked up experiences in the non-profit and art world.

And this was SO important because suddenly, I felt like I wasn't the crazy one. I wasn't alone. The gaslighting and manipulation came to light, and now I can't unsee it. For years I thought I just wasn't strong enough. That I couldn't hack it. That I obviously just didn't have what it takes to use my work in a way that could be impactful for other people.

And the art world is really good at convincing us that if we're using our creativity in any place other than a gallery or museum we're not real artists, or we've sold out in some way (as if being compensated for your work is a bad thing lolololololol)

Once it became visible to me and I felt supported by others, I was able to actually empower myself to work within and around these systems... or try to change them... or reject them all together.

Being a creative already comes with it's own baggage of generally not being understood by many. But then to be treated like shit within the systems WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTED IN leads to most of us burning out within a few years, unable to continue the work that the world so desperately needs.

Because real talk: I've seen artists, writers, and musicians doing the work of connecting people in meaningful ways, but more on that later.

It was extremely helpful to know that others feel the way I do.

If you've felt this, I got you. I'm here to guide you though those feelings of fraudy-ness, of "what the fuck am I doing?" and "what comes next?"

I'm here to help you feel your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and then to do your best damn work in a way that feels relaxed, motivating, and sustainable.

No more of this feast or famine bullshit babe. You deserve stability, and I'm here to help you get it (in 90 Days!).

2019 is your year. Let's do this!