Working with the Energy of the New Moon

working with the new moon.jpg

I’ve always loved the moon.

Growing up at the ocean you learn to watch the moon and the way it effects the tides and sea levels. Growing up in Jersey, folks love to blame the full moon for crazy drivers (news flash, jersey drivers are crazy 100% of the time).

But really, there’s something to all that. Astrology aside, let’s look at the fact that our bodies are mostly made of water. Consider the moon your connection to your own tides, your own ups and downs in energy, creative thinking, and productivity.

Incase you’re new to the energy of moon phases, here are the basics:

  • New Moon (when the moon is totally dark) - This is the start of a new lunar cycle and a time to set intentions for the month. What do you want to accomplish in the next 4 weeks? How do you want to feel?

  • First Quarter - The time to take action! You’ll be feeing a little extra oomph to get shit done, so take advantage of that.

  • Full Moon - Re-evaluate. What’s going well so far this lunar cycle? What isn’t? What do you need to release in order to keep moving forward?

  • Third Quarter - The lunar cycle is winding back down now. You may notice your energy is a little lower, so this is a great time to turn inward, give gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned, and consider what you’ll want to turn your attention to in the next cycle.

  • Then it’s back to the new moon!

Tracking the moon cycles (along with tracking my menstrual cycle which, incase you were wondering, totally match up!) has helped me to make sense of why one day I feel READY to take on the fucking world and the next I’m questioning everything. It can feel frustrating, but once you realize that this is the energy of the moon cycle, you realize that you can actually harness it to feel and do your best.

The new moon is such an important part of this as it completely sets the tone for the new cycle, especially when you’re setting intentions in a group. Solo rituals are always lovely, but when you’re sitting in circle with others who are making bold declarations about what they want in their lives, the energy is intensified for even more powerful manifestation and action.

Join me for a one-hour online healing ritual for the new moon in Sagittarius this Thursday, Dec 6th 7-8p EST. We’ll be setting goals and intentions for the new cycle, discussing the current astrology (so you can make the most of it) and using tarot, reiki, and meditation to feel your damn best this month!

You’ll also get access to the recording (incase you can’t make it live) and a PDF with guided exercises for the current energy and crystal and rituals to use in your own practice.