Why Willpower is Bullshit

I really fucking hate all of those health and wellness professionals/products/companies saying things like:

"You're not losing weight because you don't have the willpower to eat less and workout more."

"You're not healing because you don't have the willpower to give up sugar completely."

"Your skin isn't clearing up because you don't have the willpower to ditch dairy forever."

Fuck. That. Noise.

When it comes to eating a healing diet and getting enough movement, willpower is bullshit.  Large companies will often shift the blame to individuals in this way, just to make sure you feel like shit about yourself so then you'll maybe buy their shake/supplement/program/whatever.

But here's the thing babe.  Our bodies are totally designed this way on purpose!  

We're designed to crave sugar, because in the days of our ancestors, finding a natural form of sugar (berries most likely) was a quick source of energy.  And a quick source of energy could be the difference between life and death that day.

We're designed to eat more than just feeling "satisfied" because there was a 50/50 chance that there would be not food the next day, so we instinctually load up while we can.

We're designed to resist exercise and movement, because unnecessary movement depleted the body and energy levels, making it way harder to do the things we needed to in order to survive.

It's all about survival baby.  And I think it's super important for everyone to know that.

Part of what makes our health and wellness goals so difficult is the constant blame we're putting on ourselves.  We're never good enough.  Never doing enough.  And that negative mindset keeps us even more stuck.

Next time you find yourself resisting going to the gym, or eating more than you planned to, or straying from your healing diet, gently remind yourself of why you have this goal with all of the self-love you can muster.  

Talk to yourself as if you were a 6 year old.  

And remember that you'll NEVER be 100% perfect with any wellness routine.  It's impossible, so stop making yourself crazy about it.


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