4 Ways to Hack Your Cold (Save this list!)

I was gonna write about something else today, but I'm nursing this gross headcold that is making things (read: everything) difficult.

So instead of trying to force something else out, I figured I'd share what my go-to's for fall/winter/spring colds are, since it seems that I'm not alone in dealing with a bit of a bug right now.... and it's all that can literally occupy my brain at the moment. 

Here's the thing. I don't take a ton of over the counter drugs for colds and flus, because honestly, I feel like they make whatever sickness I'm dealing with last way LONGER.

Sure, they stop the symptoms long enough for you to struggle through the workday or get your super important shit done for a few hours (I totally keep them on hand for those exact situations). And that's exactly what they were designed for. BUT they won't actually get rid of the cold. They just cover up the symptoms.

And really, those symptoms are there for a reason. Don't get me wrong, they blow in the most serious way. But that fever is there to help heat up your body so the immune system can knock out the bug. That runny nose is trying to expel whatever bacterial or viral infection is looming around. And that tired, achy feeling? It's trying to get you to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN FOR ONCE AND GET SOME REST.

NOTE: if shit gets serious, absolutely take some OTC meds and see your doctor. I'm talking about your run of the mill common colds here. Sometimes you need a damn anti-biotic, and that's ok. I just don't think that it should be your first go-to the second you get the sniffles.

So I do my best to focus on things that will help speed up the healing process as much as I can. The nice thing is, you can do these things immediately if you feel symptoms coming on to fight it off or shorten the duration of the cold.

Ok, so here are the 4 main things I do whenever I start to feel like crap.

  1. Ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon and a TSP of raw honey.
    Specific, I know.
    Ginger is a known immune booster and it helps to heat up the body. Remember what we said about fevers actually being useful? Ginger does the same thing in a way more mild way. The squeeze of lemon give you a nice hit of Vitamin C (plus it tastes fucking good) and the raw honey is an awesome anti-microbial (PLUS IT TASTES FUCKING GOOD). Just don't go overboard with the honey. Sugar tends to feed sickness and make it last much longer.


  2. Elderberry Syrup/Lozenges/Tinctures
    Elderberry is a KILLER immune booster. With high doses of Vitamin C and Amino Acids, it helps to support your body to do it's job more effectively and kick your cold way faster.


  3. Oil of Oregano
    Not just for pizza, this crazy ass herb is actually what was used before pharmaceutical anti-biotics were invented. I take it in capsule form, one with each meal.


  4. SLEEP
    Seriously though. This is the one I resist the most, and I think that's true for most of us. All the extra stuff I take and do is great, but at the end of the day the thing that's going to get rid of your cold the fastest is good old shut eye. Fever making it hard to sleep? Watch some TV, read a book, whatever. Even just lying around is great, as it gives your body a chance to reset and focus on fighting off the offender.




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