Self-Care is NOT Self-Indulgence

I hate to break it to you, but the government doesn’t really give a shit about your health or well-being.  

The nutrition guidelines they put out are totally wack and heavily influenced by large food corporations.  Think back to the old food pyramid.  Dairy was in a category all by itself.... which basically meant you HAD to have dairy as part of a healthy diet.  The bottom of the pyramid?  Showed images of pasta and white bread, which they suggested you needed 6-8 servings of to have a balanced diet.

The fuck?

Those same shitty nutrition guidelines dictate the food we feed our kids in school.  It allows pizza to count as a vegetable.  It allows them to feed kid french fries and cookies everyday for lunch.  And then the KID gets blamed if she can't focus or sit still in school.

Yeah. ok.

Crappy junk food is subsidized, which makes it way cheaper to produce and easier to buy.  

And on top of that, our healthcare system is set up to only treat you once you’re already sick, instead of keeping you well in the first place.  

THIS is why self-care is radical y’all.  Stick it to the man and take care of yourself ❤

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