4 Easy Ways to Create Instant Self-Love by Sarah Steckler

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Time for me? Yeah okay, let me just pencil that in….somewhere… When life gets chaotic, the first thing to go can often be time for self-reflection and care. But there are little things you can do each day to make your day feel eleventy times better and give yourself that extra boost you need.

I often find myself so busy that I forget to eat, forget to make that important phone call, or just forget what I was supposed to remember in general.

Self-Love and care often have the theme of extravagance tied to them. Elaborate bubble baths, day-long mani pedis, hour-long journal sessions. All of those things are amazing but when you’re crunched for time they can feel like an elusive fantasy that’s never going to be a part of your reality.

Fear not, Ms. Busy, there are solutions for you, and they might be more enjoyable than you realize.

1) Remove the Uncertainty of Routine Tasks

Much of our daily frustrations stem from things so small that we often forget they happened hours later. I’m talking about not knowing where that important piece of mail went, losing a sticky note with vital info on it, and so on. There are a slew of things we can all do for ourselves that take moments to set up and lead to endless timesavers and stress-free mornings. Many of these may seem obvious but the reminders can be vital if they’ve been on your to-do list for a while...

  • Designate a place for your keys - they go there when you walk in and you always know where they are

  • Create an inbox/outbox - I don’t know about you, but my counter tops get cluttered with paper piles fast. Creating a place for incoming stuff to handle/sort and outgoing stuff to mail/sign/toss will make you feel more in control and less anxious that you’re forgetting something.

  • Use a notebook for notes, ideas, errands that need to get done, and anything else you’re worried about forgetting. Now everything is in one place, can easily go with you, and you won’t have to worry about loose papers or sticky notes flying around when the A/C comes on.


2) Make Your Bed - Improve Your Mindset

Did you know that making your bed each morning can lower your stress? Not only are you doing something for you first thing in the morning but you’re also starting your day with an accomplishment. This sets a positive mindset for the day and can help you set intention and feel good knowing that you’ve adulted and it just feels right.


3) Say “Thank you” when you receive a compliment

I get it, being humble is your thing but pausing to say “thank you” when someone says something nice about you allows a few things to happen:

  • You acknowledge the other person (and they appreciate it)

  • You allow yourself to feel good instead of deflecting or saying “you too!” or “please, not as much as…

  • You start accepting and believing the positive traits that others see in you


4) Give Yourself Permission to Change your Mind

I mean this in so many ways. How many times have you left the house in the morning thinking “I’m totally going to make xyz for dinner” or “tonight, this entire room is getting a makeover” only to come home, feel exhausted, and then get upset with yourself because you’re not sure you want to do those things anymore? Expectation hangovers are a real thing and I talk more about them in this post here. What’s important to remember is that depending on our mood, our wants, needs, and energy levels can shift. Instead of nagging yourself for not doing something that was an idea earlier, write it down in that handy notebook we talked about and get excited about it for another time. It’s totally fine and acceptable to change your mind and doing so gives your more freedom, too. You’re not bound to any one idea you have, why live in a limiting way?

The big takeaway here is that the moments of each day shape the life you live, the way you feel, and the happiness you’re capable of having. Self-Love is a practice that you can honor daily in ways that help you cultivate more control over the things you really want to be doing.



Sarah Steckler is a Creative Self-Love Coach who helps women identify their goals, pinpoint what’s holding them back, and create meaningful action that allows them to feel how they deserve, get what they want, and create a better relationship with themselves in the process. When she’s not blogging or coaching, you can find her exploring the outdoors, writing snail mail to her friends, or cuddling with her English Bulldog.

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