Recently, I learned that my great-grandmother was most likely a Strega.

Unfortunately there was no magic pasta pot that made pasta that flooded the town.  Or in my case, her old hand-me-down pizza pan I've acquired doesn't make me gluten-free/vegan pizza all day.  Boo.  But anyway, folks would go see her when then needed the Mallocchio, the Evil Eye, removed.  We don't know much, but my grandmother said it involved a tiny knife and a lot of spitting, so clearly I'm 100% on board.  Great G-ma passed before passing this on to anyone, and sadly for myself and my family we missed the chance to learn this past year.  Apparently, it has to be passed down on Christmas Eve specifically.

So while I count down the days to next year when I can spit and remove curses, I've been thinking a lot about other healing modalities and accessibility to healing.

This past January I started studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to get my certificate in Health Coaching, and so far its been really awesome.  We're covering tons of different dietary theories, but what I like most about the program are 2 things:

  1. The emphasis on Primary Foods, or foods that feed our soul.  The idea is that no matter how much kale you are eating, if your relationships/job/dramarama are making you feel shitty, you're gonna feel shitty.
  2. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all thang!  Some folks tend to get a little preachy about what diet is the best, but really, what works for me may be horrible for you.  

I also just got trained in Reiki Level 1, and will be moving onto Level 2 next month.  THINGS ARE HAPPENING YOU GUYS.

I'm simultaneously excited and overwhelmed and tired, but looking forward to where this will take me.  I'll be able to start taking clients in May, so let me know if you want a health coach!