This is a little late on the New Years resolutions, but I tell myself it's ok since it's my birthday.  And adding another year to your life is a good reason to reflect and set goals, right?

So in the interest of holding myself accountable, here's my 2014 resolutions (which really, is just another Capricorn manic to-do list):

1. Get health insurance
One of the super exciting benefits of turning 26 is that I will soon be kicked off of my family's insurance plan.  Which means I'll have to really become an adult and figure out this whole healthcare thing.

2. Work out a burlesque act that's been in my head for seriously over a year
For real, there is no excuse for this except that I have a tendency to keep myself wildly busy.  But I've had this really fun idea that combines jellyfish and puppets and lights and stupid pop songs and why would I ever make the world wait to see such a thing?

3. Get tested for food allergies
Because when you have family members with food allergies/intolerances, that's a thing you should do.

4.  Self-care forevs
I've established a pretty good self care routine that includes ass-kicking workouts, meditation, yoga, lots of greens, and reiki, and I need to actually stick with this.

5.  Graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
I'm officially a student again! More on this laterrrrrr.....

So there you have it. For fellow burlesque/glittery people, check out Nasty Canasta's awesome Self-Evaluation Post if you haven't already yet.  It's a great way to wrap up 2013, and really take some time to reflect on our work in a super helpful way.

And in the spirit of getting shit done and crossed off your to-do list, here's something that has literally been on mine for 2 months that I finally got around to:

We finally busted open our white pumpkin!  Lovingly referred to "the ghost pumpkin" this little guy has been our Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years decoration.

Thanks for the good times Ghost Pumpkin, we'll fondly remember you as we consume your seeds and fleshy insides in the forms of pumpkin soup, muffins and pancakes.