Victory Gardenz

Guys, I'm pretty obsessed with the idea of victory gardens.  Like really, a time when the government encouraged everyone to GROW THEIR OWN FOOD in their own backyard as opposed to subsidizing gross junk food (which was still kind of happening really), and making it wildly difficult for folks to get things like raw milk (seriously, check out Farmageddon if you haven't watched it yet).  Granted, victory gardens were encouraged as a way to assist the war efforts and not so much for the nutrition and health benefits, but it was still a great side effect.

This is my small, kind of sad looking little plot at the Barclay Oliver Gardens in Greenmount West.  I got started on my fall veggies wayyy late, so there's not a ton to show for it really.  But before I got this pic I did manage to harvest four heads of buttercrunch lettuce, and I've gotten a few substantial spinach leaves and kale as well.

Some passive-aggressive signage to keep the garden poachers at bay.

I've also been trying my hand at sprouting from kitchen scraps with limited success.

On a related note, if you haven't been keeping up with it you should check out this website about the new proposed rules by the FDA for the Food Safety Modernization Act.  FSMA is great in theory, since the goal is to stop the crazy virus outbreaks that have been happening at grocery stores across the country, but as the rules are written now it would make it extremely difficult for small, organic farms to stay in business.  The comment period has ended, but the site will be posting more ways to take action to stand with our local farmers.

I'll leave you with this:

Yup, Chicken Vests are a thing.