Cait Byrnes is a Holistic Health + Wellness Coach who helps creative womxn boost their energy and lower their stress through food+mood healing, radical self-care, and magic. A Community Artist and Burlesque Performer herself, Cait understands the unique challenges creatives face when it comes to clarifying their purpose, making a living, and avoiding burnout.

Originally from the Jersey Shore, Cait earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 2010, and served with the Community Arts Collaborative AmeriCorps program from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, she earned her Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Cait has worked with several communities in Baltimore to create neighborhood events, parades, and youth programs, and has served as the Assistant Director for the Feminist Art Project - Baltimore Chapter.

Cait is also the creator of the Food For Thought - Food and Mood Journal (now available on Amazon) and the New Moon Healing Circle, a monthly online ritual for creative babes.

Listen to my episode on The Mindful Productivity Podcast! We cover:

  • how to use creativity to tap into your intuition and problem solve

  • using art as a healing tool for yourself and for communities

  • learning to value yourself and your creative work

I have participated in Cait’s one week reset challenges, they were every day reminders to pay attention to the things your body wants to tell you and treat yourself well. The ten week group coaching I completed with her gave me a lot of different tools and viewpoints about my wellbeing. She is so positive and works really hard to make sure all of her clients are getting what they need. I highly recommend you seek her out for guidance if you’re dealing with fatigue, questioning your daily grind or have questions about healthy lifestyle options. She will enthusiastically help you!
— Kate G.

I have known Cait personally and professionally for almost 10 years now, so when I was starting up with a therapist again and felt like I needed additional support working through a journey of self love and acceptance, I knew that her group program was exactly what I needed. I don’t know exactly how to put into words just how wonderful Cait is- her holistic approach of care and action combined with her genuine loving spirit created a fabulous environment for my group to share, learn, and grow together. Being a part of the group felt like being a part of a family, and I am better for it.
— Rachel B.

I’ve tried other diets, workout fads, etc… but none of them stuck. Working with Cait was such a fresh perspective on what it means to be happy, healthy, and how to care of all parts of myself.

Since starting the program, I’ve noticed that my attitude about health has shifted! I feel like I have a healthier relationship with myself and have really made self-care a part of who I am. The idea that adding in the good, and not punishing myself for the bad is so simple, but will stick with me forever.

Cait was absolutely amazing and so encouraging. Her style of coaching was so positive, and so much more than just a list of things I can’t do. She was understanding of my needs/goals and really worked with me to bring out the best version of myself. I feel so much more equipped to care for myself in a much more positive way!
— Kuoting L.

Cait Byrnes has made a huge impact on my self-care routine. I’m taking time each morning and evening, even if I only have 5 minutes, to think about me. I feel happier and find I make better choices due to this.
— Jes P.

I shared a common problem with most other women out there in today’s society: I believed that self care is really an act of self indulgence laced with guilt and shame. Lucky for me, my coaching sessions with Cait Byrnes taught me that this is simply not true.

Cait’s one-on-one coaching sessions have convinced me that self care is a necessary tool to achieve all of my goals- personally, professionally and beyond. Her unique, tiered approach is based on making small changes over time and observing how those changes made me feel. These changes include properly fueling my body, establishing an exercise routine that fits my lifestyle, increasing my water intake, assessing what my priorities are vs. how I actually spend my time and increasing the amount of time I spend on personal goals and hobbies.

One of my favorite parts about Cait’s program is that she provides me with tools for success. This includes everything from books & engaging infographics that aid in guiding my self care regimen, to a fun and fancy water bottle that encourages me to stay hydrated! Her self-published food and mood journal, Food For Thought, is paramount in tracking both the physiological and psychological reaction to the fuel I put in my body. I attribute a large amount of my success to these key follow-up tools that help keep me on track in between sessions.

Cait’s cumulative program makes success easy with small, attainable goals that build over the course of the program. She revisited and and addressed each of my previous concerns during the following session to assess my progress and/or revise my plan to fit my needs. I highly recommend Cait’s highly personalized program to anyone and everyone, as I now believe we would all flourish from the benefits of individualized self care!
— Ashley G.

Cait’s approach to health isn’t based in fads or shakes. It’s about learning to listen to your body, setting realistic and attainable goals, being patient with yourself, and leaving room for trial and error.

She won’t promise you anything overnight, but she’ll hold your hand for as long you want her to, and show you the way to accepting and loving your self as a whole person, who deserves to be taken care of— mind, body and spirit.

The root of her approach is that creating sustainable physical and emotional health means something different for everybody.
— Marissa L.
I started working with Cait because I was dealing with a lot of stress, trying to balance life with two jobs, and was struggling with my food intake and self-confidence.

Now I notice I’m not freaking out as easily as I used to in stressful situations, I lost some weight, and generally feel better about my body!

Cait is super sweet, and understands that everyone works differently, so she’s able to figure out what may be best for each person.
— Kat L.