Monthly Health Coaching Membership

So you've been through the one-on-one or group coaching program.  Congrats!

But now, you're wondering how you'll keep up with all those good habits you've established without those regular check-in's.  Maybe you're not quite ready for another round of the program, but you need SOMETHING to keep you on track.

That's exactly why I've created the Radical Self Care Society Monthly Health Coaching Membership!  


How does it work?

Each month you'll get a brand new 30-45 minute pre-recorded video lesson about nutrition, self-care, self-love, emotional health and more!  Watch the video on your own time, whenever fits best in YOUR schedule!

Then, you'll get a worksheet to help you actually DO the things you learned in the lesson, and find the best way to make them fit into your life. 

Want a little more support?  Choose the Coaching Call Add-On for a 30-minute call once per month to check-in and keep up with your healthy lifestyle, even when life gets crazy.


Choose the option that works best for you



Monthly Video and Worksheet

One 30-45 minute lesson from Cait Byrnes about nutrition, self-care, self-love, emotional health and more!  These are designed to maintain the beautiful habits you've built during your one-on-one or group coaching program with Cait, and help you continue on you wellness journey.  These videos are exclusive to RSCS members, and will include a PDF worksheet to help you discover the best ways to fit the new ideas from the lesson into your daily life.   Content will uploaded to a password protected membership site.

$25 per month





Monthly video and worksheet + 1 30-minute coaching call check in

You'll get everything outlined previously, plus one 30-minute coaching call with Cait Byrnes scheduled whenever is convenient for you.  This is great option to keep up the accountability benefits of the one-on-one or group coaching program, without as much of a commitment.  Keep all the goodness going even when life gets tough, and take the best care of yourself that you can through all the crazy!

$50 per month