Are you busy, overworked, exhausted, and stressed the fuck out?

- Let's talk girl - 


I've been there.

After college, I served for three years with Americorps, a national service organization, where I was placed at a small non-profit art center in Baltimore.  I adored the work, and was so grateful to be using art as a healing tool in a community I loved.

As part of the program, I had regular meetings throughout each year with my fellow Americorps members who were stationed at other organizations.  And although these meetings began as exciting conversations from creatives ready to change the world, they slowly morphed into discussions about chronic fatigue, burn-out, panic attacks, getting sick super often, massive stress, and generally feeling worked to the bone.

Some would quit before their service year was up.  Those that didn't were burnt the fuck out after a couple years.

And it wasn't only my service group.  Left and right I was watching creatives with jobs at super dreamy non-profits drop like flies.  The turn-over rate in creative and service based positions was (and is) extremely high, which makes these organizations and the impact they make unsustainable.

Burn-out makes your impact in the world unsustainable because when you feel like shit you can't keep doing your work!

Personally, I was severely burnt out, fatigued, depressed and anxious.  Some days, I could barely get out of bed to get to work.  Everyday felt like a fucking struggle.  I usually cried once or twice each day.  I knew that things needed to change.

Through a shit ton of experimentation with my diet, movement, emotional wellness and self-care, I was able to completely turn my life around, get my anxiety in check, wake up actually feeling rested and ready to make some shit happen in the world.

And now I want to help you do the same.


  • Full of energy from the time you wake up till you go to bed (and not in that jittery, coffee sort of way)

  • More focused at work (and everywhere else!)

  • Having better relationships with your partner, kids, co-workers, and (most importantly) yourself

  • Waking up feeling excited, instead of dreading the day ahead

  • Getting the best sleep of your damn life

  • Letting stress roll over you like water off a duck's back



physical health.jpg

Physical Health

Getting good nutrition that suits your individual needs, adequate movement that feels fun and easy, good quality sleep, proper hydration, avoiding environmental toxins, and more!

emotional wellness.jpg

Emotional Wellness

Stress management for day-to-day life as well as difficult times, feeding your mental health as well as physical health, discovering your joy, and how to incorporate more of that into your life.

rad self care.jpg

Radical Self-Care

Understanding the link between guilt and self-care, the reasons why we're conditioned to take care of everyone else before ourselves, and how to truly love yourself first.

When I started with Cait, I was struggling with sugar cravings, lack of sleep, stress, and difficulty focusing. Cait was super positive and also realistic about what works best for each individual. The program helped me to have better energy, fewer migraines, less brain fog, and more patience, and I would highly recommend it to other mothers who are also creatives!
— Juila Petrino


Before we start, you'll get a goodie box sent to your door loaded with awesome things like books, DVD's, workout gear, self-care items, and more to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Every Sunday we'll have a 1-hour online video call (no need to leave your house or your pajamas!) The call will be recorded incase you can't make it live.

During each session, we'll talk about what's working well for you and what isn't feeling so hot. 

We'll discuss different dietary theories, emotional support, and easy methods of self-care, and you'll leave with specific recommendations to try out before we talk again.

Plus, you'll have an incredible built-in support group (via Facebook) where I'll be checking in every day!


What We'll Cover:

Week 1 - Build out a super nutrient dense plate at every meal to super charge your stamina

Week 2 - Meal plan and prep to save your time, money, and sanity (with my complete 3 step system!)

Week 3 - How much water you should actually be drinking for your individual body and what lifestyle factors may be draining your energy

Week 4 - Exactly what to eat to feel the way you want to feel (energetic, motivated, and productive as hell)

Week 5 - The best way to get movement in for YOUR body even if you hate exercise 

Week 6 - How to ditch environmental toxins that might be fucking with you

Week 7 - Keeping stress in check so you can do your damn work

Week 8 - How to get the best damn sleep of your life

Week 9 - Radical self-care that actually fits into your super busy life

Week 10 - Get a little woo-woo with me and take a peak into how to use ritual and magic to feel your damn best everyday


I signed up because of anxiety, low energy levels, and for help with my diet.  Since finishing the program, I’m loving my body and myself more.  I’m definitely eating better now! Cait made this whole experience fun, not frightening, and made all of this information amazingly accessible and relatable.  
— Rachel Beckman


10 calls.jpg

10 one-hour live group coaching calls with Cait Byrnes

valued at $1500


Healthy Lifestyle Goodie Box packed with wellness essentials

valued at $300


Access to the exclusive support group for daily guidance and motivation

valued at $250


Lifetime access to pdf handouts full of nutrition and lifestyle info

valued at $75






So let's review.  When you apply and are accepted to THE KICKASS ENERGY PROTOCOL, you'll receive:

  • 10 one-hour live group coaching calls with Cait Byrnes
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Goodie Box packed with wellness essentials
  • Access to the exclusive support group for daily guidance and motivation
  • Lifetime access to PDF handouts full of nutrition and lifestyle info


I keep the group small so I can take the time to personalize the protocol for each and every one of you


APPLICATIONS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED AND DON'T COMMIT YOU TO THE PROGRAM!  They are just a chance for us to make sure this is 100% the right fit for you!