When life feels hard...

I love me a health challenge. Or a system of any kind really.

I love challenging myself to 30 days of yoga. Or a week of meditating every night. Or ditching sugar for 21 days.

Challenges are fun, and they really feel like I hit the reset button on my stress when I do them.

And of course, I always try to plan these challenges for when "things aren't so crazy" (that doesn't exist). Or when "I'm not so busy." Or when "Life is a little easier."

But honestly, I've realized that the best time for me to do a challenge is when life feels really hard.

Even though I have to give myself an extra push, it's a built-in system of supporting myself when I need it the most.

When I'm dealing with extra anxiety and depression, it's difficult to think about self-care, eating well, and moving my body. So having a system in place, like the Free 5-Day Self-Care Challenge, gives me that extra momentum to actually fucking do the things that I know will help me feel better, sooner.

Don't wait for the perfect time sister. There's no such thing as the perfect time (for any situation, honestly).

Join us today, we start Monday May 22nd <3

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