10-Weeks to Crazy Energy and Less Damn Stress!

By now you’ve likely heard that doors are open for my FAV program, FRAZZLED TO FIERCE.

When I say it’s my fav, I totally mean that!

And don’t get me wrong.  I love doing one-on-one sessions in the most serious way.  I love guiding women to make the best choices for their individual diet.  Helping them to correct their sleep patterns.  Allowing the space to vent and deal with the stressful events in their lives.  Finding the types of movement and exercise that make them excited to wake up in the morning.  Helping them support their bodies in a natural way so that they can have energy all. damn. day.

But Frazzled To Fierce is my favorite because I get to do all of that WITH a whole group of women! (which makes it way more affordable for you)

That means there’s also an incredible built-in support system and an awesome sense of community you get with knowing that you’re not alone in this. 

And that, is fucking priceless.

To have a place to go and say “hey, I’m having a rough time eating healthy today” and to have a group of women rally around you to let you know it’s all good (in a super open, non-judgmental way).  Or to say “I need help meal planning, what are some good recipes?” and to have a whole hivemind at your fingertips. 

Or to just say, “I need some love today” and we’ll have your back for that too.

That group will help you go from feeling burnt-out, exhausted (emotionally and physically) and stressed-as-fuck to high-vibe, energetic, and not just surviving, but THRIVING in your day to day life in 10-weeks.

Meet online once a week.  Get a killer lesson about diet and nutrition, lifestyle habits, emotional health and self-care.  Walk away with 2-3 personalized recommendations to try out for the week.

Feel.  Fucking.  Fantastic.

Applications are now open, but spots are first come first served (and super limited).