Do yourself a favor...

I usually am not even a little bit excited for fall to come around.  I’m a huge summer girl, the kind that daydreams on a daily basis about moving to the Caribbean so I never have to experience another fall/winter/spring ever again.  I’d be 100% happy to ditch my winter parka forever and turn in my scarves and hats. 

But this year is a little different.

This year I’m STOKED to be opening up the fall round of Frazzled To Fierce, my group health and wellness coaching program for women, this time in a 10-week version!

I ran this group in the spring, and holy shit you guys.  The results are unbelievable.  Folks who are finishing up the program are feeling lighter, happier, more energetic, and finally know what to eat to make themselves glow from the inside out.

And we did this all by creating sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.  This isn’t a quick fad diet that’ll come back to bite you in the ass, it’s a complete overhaul in the way you look at food, your feelings, and your self-worth.

We’ll help you to establish a healthy diet that works for your individual body.

We’ll work on balancing emotions so you can kick stress to the curb.

And, we’ll incorporate easy forms of self-care that will leave you feeling energetic and ecstatic from the time you wake up till the time your beautiful head hits that pillow at night.

Doors will open in September, BUT if you get on the waiting list now you’ll have access to exclusive early-bird bonuses, discounts on tuition, and a first chance at one of the 20 spots available (they’ll go FAST!)