Self Care for Community Organizers and Activists (Baltimore Workshop!)

"Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First, Before Assisting Others"

Join me for an interactive workshop teaching community organizers and activists how to balance their work and the art of self-care. Try out specific health tips and exercises tailored to the stresses people in service positons face.

Participants will also be provided with supplies to create a take-home self-care item. (Supplies are limited to the first 30 participants who arrive.)

In this one-time one hour and 15 minute workshop, we'll discuss stress reduction techniques, easy ways to not get sick, nutrition tips and other helpful ways thatcommunity organizers and activists can take better care of themselves, so that they may serve others more fully.

People in positions of service are often being asked to go above and beyond their emotional and physical limits, and are encouraged to put others needs before their own. This leads to exhaustion, burn out, break downs, and constant illness, such as back to back colds and flus.

My philosphy is that you have to put your own oxygen mask on first, before you can assist others. Help out the community you are serving, by caring for yourself first!

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