Arts In Service

Finding your Inner Guide in 5 Weeks

November 7th - December 5th

Artists working in community, in the classroom, or any service capacity have a unique experience unlike ANY other artist.

And because of that, the burnout we experience is different. The trauma we’ve experienced is different. There is a huge lack of support for what we do in and out of the art world.

And I know how easy it is to lose yourself (and your art) in the process of serving others.

Join me and 9 other artists-in-service for a 5-week intensive to get grounded, energized, and connected to your inner creative guide so you can feel your best and serve in a sustainable way (that doesn’t leave you frazzled, overworked, and underpaid.)

You are amazing at serving others, it’s time to serve yourself now.

We’ll cover:

  • Physical and Emotional Healing through nutrition, movement, and self-care

  • Using Astrology and Magic to heal your soul and connect to your purpose

  • Creating alignment in your work (whether that’s your current job or finding a better fit)

  • Building your own personal support system, without relying on them for validation and confidence

You’ll connect to your creative intuition in a calm and stable way, so you can experience more flow and find your true arts message.


How This Works:

  • Fill out the application below, and we’ll have a quick chat to make sure this is the perfect fit for you (because I refuse to waste your time)

  • We’ll have five 1-hour group coaching calls via Zoom (a free video conferencing program that takes just a few minutes to download). Calls will be held on Wednesdays, starting on November 7th (the new moon in Scorpio!) from 6-7pm EST and will be recorded.

  • You’ll have access to an exclusive facebook support group, only for other like-minded artists in service who are in the program (hello community!)

  • I’ll be available for additional support in the facebook group, or by email in-between our sessions.

The Artist in Service Program costs $1125 upfront or 3 payments of $375.


Hey There! I’m Cait!

I’m a holistic health and wellness coach and community artist.

After feeling unsupported, under-valued, and under-paid in my creative work, I experienced massive burnout throughout my early twenties. This meant total fatigue no matter how much rest I got, depression flares, and panic attacks (one of which lasted for 24 hours). It wasn’t until I took a step back and refocused on my own wellness first through nutrition, self-care, magic, and community that I was finally able to pick myself back up, get my energy back, and re-align with my work and my purpose in the world (because I have big plans y’all).

I’m all about helping creatives find sustainable wellness that they can return to at any time, regardless of what life throws at them.

Want in? Want more info? Let’s chat and make sure it’s a good fit.

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